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Typical Assignments

The following are representative projects spearheaded by Wheaton Group’s partners during their careers:


  • Built a combined customer/inquiry/prospect Marketing Database for a business-to-business marketer. Client has a national sales force that is supplemented by frequent direct mail and e-commerce promotions. Marketing database was integrated with a PeopleSoft ERP (operational) system. Maintained the database and perform associated data processing for direct marketing promotions.
  • Supervised technical personnel in the design, development and implementation of a comprehensive database marketing system for a leading direct marketer. Subsequently, worked on-site for several years with the client’s marketing and analytic departments to leverage the database, which was composed of detailed transaction, promotion and overlay information for 35 million customers, via the creation of advanced data-driven contact strategies.
  • Built a database maintenance system, including integrated campaign management software, for a major business-to-business direct marketer, and migrated it to the client’s in-house operations group.
  • Directed the construction of a Marketing Database for the e-commerce division of a well-known direct marketing company.
  • Consulted with a major insurance company on the logical data model for their Marketing Database.
  • Reviewed the strategic and tactical database needs for a Fortune 500 consumer products marketer. Developed the conceptual database design to meet the marketing needs of a business-to-business niche. Assisted with the development and implementation of the database.

Data Mining, Strategic Analytics, and Contact Management

  • Crafted multi-channel initiatives for a large national retailer via data mining and strategic consulting. The resulting differential contact program generated $207 million of incremental annual revenue and $23 million of incremental annual contribution to overhead and profit.
  • Worked with a major publisher, with millions of subscribers across multiple titles, to incorporate sophisticated data-driven marketing into its core business practices. Just under forty predictive models were built over a one-year period to cost-effectively micro-market dozens of products and services into the customer base.
  • Built a predictive model for a direct marketer that was credited for revolutionizing the business, and was presented as a case study by the company’s President and Founder to a quantitative methods class at a top-ten business school.
  • Optimized the contact strategy for a direct marketer with multiple specialty catalogs encompassing both men’s and women’s product lines.
  • Responsible for all customer and prospect circulation efforts for the standalone direct division of a well-known consumer goods manufacturer and retailer. Managed and coordinated multiple list brokers. Selected rental lists, evaluate results, and decide on continuations and rollouts. Developed sophisticated test strategies. Managed the service bureau relationship, including the creation of detailed technical instructions, and the review and approval of output from all steps.
  • Performed the same function for another well-known catalog and e-commerce marketer, on an outsourced basis over a twenty-month period.
  • When two key employees of the standalone direct division of a national retailer abruptly resigned during the critical holiday season, produced the customer-side circulation plan for the upcoming Fiscal Year.
  • Conceived, tested and rolled out a direct marketing business to sell hosiery to large-sized women. Initiative ultimately was expanded into retail as the well-known L’eggs “Just My Size” brand.
  • Developed an incentives-driven methodology for a national retailer to collect opt-in personal data on high-margin customers, and combine it with point-of-sale transaction information to generate significant incremental profits via a loyalty program and differential marketing.
  • Executed hundreds of “shops” across the e-commerce partners of a dominant Internet portal over a six-month period. Benchmarked their sales, fulfillment, customer service and returns performance against best direct marketing practices.

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