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Cynthia Wheaton

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Summary of Experience

Cynthia Baughan Wheaton is a Co-Founder and Principal at Wheaton Group. She has been a database marketer since 1978, including nine years in direct marketing line management. As a consultant, she focuses on strategic planning, circulation management, testing and reporting, general direct marketing management, and new venture development. Areas of expertise include consumer and business-to-business marketing.

Cynthia has enjoyed broad profit and loss responsibility, primarily at prominent cataloger Sara Lee Direct. She also has deep expertise in areas traditionally not central to direct marketing, including strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative market research, and the structured development of new products and services.

Cynthia drove the development of all new ventures at Sara Lee Direct, including the “Just My Size” hosiery product and catalog, which was so successful that it was rolled out nationally at retail. Other start-ups included the “Sheer Variety" hosiery catalog and “Nurse White” mini-catalog.

Then, at World Book, Inc., she served as Director of Marketing for the Direct Response Division, focusing on the development of new products for the direct response and direct sold divisions. At GRI Corporation, she served as VP Marketing for a $40 million cosmetics division, and was responsible for all aspects of the business except product procurement.


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