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Every company claims to be the best. However, Wheaton Group has the written endorsements to back it up. The following are representative excerpts:

Jonathan N. Deaner
Senior CRM Marketing Manager, Godiva Chocolatier

“Wheaton Group acts as an extension of Godiva. They are dedicated to our success and treat it as their own business. Because of them, Godiva has been able to get to the next level. Specifically:

“Wheaton Group built and maintains our marketing database of B-to-C and B-to-B customers and inquirers across our retail, catalog and e-commerce channels. It provides a full array of direct and database marketing solutions to leverage the database. And, Wheaton Group is in charge of project management across all of our company’s CRM initiatives, including the supervision of third-party vendors such as service bureaus and data entry firms.”

(Name of Contact and Client Company Available Upon Request)

"We hired Wheaton Group to build a B-to-B marketing database, and then help us utilize the database with statistical analysis, reporting, queries, models and consulting.  We have found that, analytically and interpersonally, Wheaton Group truly stands out.  There is no other database services company that can provide the width and reach of experience that Wheaton does.  They are quality, knowledgeable, hard working people with integrity.”

Tim Blair
Chief Operating Officer, The Parable Group

“Before we started working with Wheaton Group, we thought that our data was in much better shape than it was… Once we started digging into our data, we realized just how wrong we had been. We were overwhelmed at its poor condition... We realized that we could not fix the problems on our own, so we began relying more and more on Wheaton Group... Without Wheaton Group, I realize now that we would never have gotten there.”

John Craig
Vice President of Marketing, Kaplan Early Learning Company

“Wheaton Group built a data warehouse for Kaplan that combines customer, inquiry and prospect information. Ongoing, Wheaton maintains the warehouse for us, performs the processing for our direct mailings, and produces matchback reports for tracking campaign performance. The data warehouse was a very challenging project… Wheaton Group was knowledgeable and professional throughout.”

“As for mail processing, with Wheaton Group working with our people, we are now more sophisticated than we were with our former service bureau… Wheaton Group has executed all of the processing jobs without error.”

Ron Funderburk
Manager, Applied Management Sciences, Sara Lee Direct

“Wheaton Group are not only great practitioners, they are visionary – full of creative ideas, yet flexible in their thinking. They excel at taking traditional approaches to tools, techniques and data sources, and combining them in clever ways to come up with new ways of attacking both old and new problems.”

(Name of Contact and Client Company Available Upon Request)

“Wheaton Group has a rare mix of technical competence and industry expertise. There are a number of firms with substantial technical skills, and many with direct marketing experience. Few, however, offer both. This is one of the reasons that we have expanded our relationship with them beyond consulting to include data processing and analytics.”

Paul Michelle
Vice President, Advertising, Belk Stores Services, Inc.

“I have worked with Jim Wheaton for over 10 years, which spans my employment with three different national retail companies… Jim has always been a partner rather than just a paid vendor… These initiatives, many of which I am implementing at my current employer, have all generated impressive returns on investment… I, and the companies I have worked for, have benefited mightily through our partnership with Jim.”

“I hired Cynthia Wheaton several years ago to develop a plan for a loyalty program. Cynthia’s work was complete, detailed, and within a framework that showed creative and strategically oriented thinking.”

Bill Singleton
former Director of Statistical Analysis, J. Crew

“Boris and I worked extensively together for several months on migrating our customer database...We were very happy with the results.”

“I was impressed from the first with Boris's interest in answering the questions I needed to answer, rather than those I stated. In a 15-minute conversation, he would typically work through several intermediate versions of my first question to arrive at a workable hypothesis that could be tested on the data before we agreed on a final work request. Generally, the final question would result in a very different query than I first had in mind, and one that would answer my actual need.”

For the complete text of these endorsements as well as others on file, please contact us at 919-969-8859 or info@wheatongroup.com.

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