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Leo Sterk

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Summary of Experience

Leo Sterk is a Principal at Wheaton Group. He has been a database marketing professional since 1984, with positions in management and database consulting organizations that have been on the cutting edge of the transition of direct marketing techniques from the catalog to the general marketing arena. Hallmark projects in Leo’s career include:

  • Two groundbreaking cluster analysis projects that revolutionized the approach to niche marketing at a major U.S. retail organization and at a very significant Canadian retail bank.
  • Analysis of publications, seminars and services offered by a major business-related association to uncover product affinities among the offerings, resulting in a computer based application that was leveraged by client personnel for data discovery.
  • The conversion of an equipment rental business’s accounting-type data to an integrated Marketing Database, in order to facilitate the transformation of the client to a customer-oriented organization.

Before joining Wheaton Group in 2004, Leo held vice president positions in Experian/Direct Marketing Technology, including head of Consulting, and of Database Content.

Prior to Experian, Leo was a Vice President at Precision Marketing, which pioneered the crossbreeding of strategic and tactical marketing consulting with hands-on development and access of non-mainframe Marketing Databases. The building and accessing of large scale, transaction-driven Marketing Databases in the PC environment during 1987 to 1995 led to significant changes in expectations about the role of data-driven decision making in modern marketing organizations.

Previously, Leo was a database marketing consultant at Kestnbaum & Co., a firm that pioneered concepts such as lifetime value and the standardization of direct marketing mathematics.

Leo holds an M.B.A. from The University of Chicago, and bachelors and masters degrees from The University of Illinois-Urbana in the field of urban planning. Many of his projects leverage his ability to blend a sociological approach to the scientific method with quantitative/statistical methodologies in order to solve business issues. Leo is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing (Henry Stuart Publications, London).


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