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Methodologies and Services


Wheaton Group’s expertise is transferred to clients in multiple ways:

  • An outsourced solution.
  • An intermediary between the client and its vendors.
  • Gap analyses of data warehousing, data mining, and target marketing initiatives.
  • Senior advisor and mentor to ensure that best practices are achieved by in-house personnel, including database marketers, data miners and technologists.

What Wheaton Group Can Do For You

Wheaton Group is committed to combining deep direct and database marketing know-how and technical expertise in all of its assignments, spanning both prospecting efforts and customer cultivation:


  • Perform thorough data discovery as a road map for the construction and management of Marketing Databases.
  • Rapid creation of Virtual Data MartsSM, in order to produce – on demand – any calculation, aggregation or subset that is supported by the underlying data.
  • Efficient and cost-effective construction and maintenance of Marketing Databases.
  • Creation of specialized Data Marts for on-line client access.
  • Fully audit all stages of marketing data processing, from updates to selects. Construction of ongoing audit procedures to prevent costly processing errors and data corruption.
  • Evaluate and manage outside vendors, including database systems providers, computer service bureaus and demographic enhancement specialists.

Data Mining, Strategic Analytics, and Contact Management

  • Conceive, construct, coordinate and implement analytic projects such as predictive models, behavioral clustering, and product affinity and lifetime value analysis; with particular emphasis on their integration into a well-coordinated program of target marketing.
  • Provide guidance on the cost-effective leveraging of demographic and psychographic overlay data, at both the individual/household and geographic levels.
  • Construct short and long-term prospect and customer contract strategies, including test design and backend analysis.
  • Provide tactical prospect management, including list recommendations, broker coordination and the implementation of circulation plans.
  • Develop or enhance the strategic planning process for any data driven entity.
  • New venture development.
  • Strategically evaluate concepts, and assist with their development and rollout – including test design and analysis, financial models, marketing plans and tactical assistance.

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