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Why Wheaton Group?

Wheaton Group’s four partners are, by education and long-standing practice, business-oriented in perspective. Therefore, every task, from a Marketing Database build to a statistics-based predictive model, is organized around a practical, marketing orientation.

Wheaton Group’s larger competitors often send in the “A-Team” to sell the deal, but then follow-up with the “B-Team” for delivery. Wheaton Group always provides the “A-Team” to do the actual work because it would never consider hiring a “B-Team.” All of its personnel, both its partners and senior consultants, are very senior professionals.

Wheaton Group’s Marketing Database development experts are experienced database marketers and data miners, which is a very uncommon confluence of skill sets. Therefore, clients receive “DM-savvy” creativity and insight as well as technical sophistication.

When building and maintaining a Marketing Database, Wheaton Group recognizes the pre-eminence of comprehensive and ongoing data investigation. Therefore, the company approaches data analysis with the perspective of end-users rather than as mere systems technicians. As such, it has adapted the same exploratory data analysis techniques that it employs in its data mining engagements.


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